Reactjs JavaScript Expressions

By: Stephen Patrick | 20 Aug 2016 | Category: ReactJs Introduction

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Reactjs JavaScript Expressions

Reactjs JavaScript expressions facilitate the inclusion of dynamic data. We can use JavaScript expressions, to create elements from dynamic data. JavaScript expressions are defined within chain brackets { and }. We can include any piece of JavaScript code within those expressions.

var Table = React.createClass({render: function() {
       var headings = {
           return <th>{header}</th>

       var tableRows ={
           return <tr>
               <td>{row.userType ==1 ? "Admin" : "User"}</td>

       return <table>


var headings = ["User Type", "First Name", "Last Name"];
var dataset = [
       {userType: 1, firstName: "Mark", lastName: "Stevens"},
       {userType: 2, firstName: "John", lastName: "Doe"},

ReactDOM.render(<Table headings={headings} dataset={dataset} />, document.getElementById('container'));

Above a new property is added to the dataset called userType. We then use a JavaScript expression when rendering the userType property to output a label for the users role.

<td>{row.userType ==1 ? "Admin" : "User"}</td>

JavaScript Comments

We can also use expression to write JavaScript comments.

{/* This is a comment */}

{/* This is a 
spread over multiple lines